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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wirruna Estate Durif 2005

Durif Grapes - courtesy Wirruna Estate
Picked this up on a whim as I'm sometimes in the mood for something a bit different in a red but with still some meat to chew on. This is the JW Family Reserve, though I think it's pretty much time wineries retire the reserve name as it's horribly overused now days.

Colour is a sangria red and not really all that dense for a Durif. Nose is black cherries and quite pleasant.

Fruit is quite restrained but the black berry fruits are there. The body is medium. There's some acid on the finish which unfortunately isn't balanced by the fruit. A reasonably dry finish with no specific flavours really lingering on the tongue.

Considering I picked this up for around $10 it's reasonable value.

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  1. Followup: it's going down well with spicey continental bangers and fried tatties - the acid is making the chilli in the sausages sing.