I do this blog for fun, the wines here are some of the very few I can be bothered to write up. The cream has risen.

Different Drop

I recommend buying wines from Different Drop.

Why? They are independent and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is reason enough in my book. But more than that, they stock wines made by small, sometimes tiny, independent wineries that make truly outstanding and individual wines, with a large variety of grapes and blends, and are not made to a formula. ie. the wines aren't boring factory plonk.

These are the wines I'd like to keep drinking because I enjoy them, and if we don't support the independents we will lose choice.

Of course I recommend buying direct too.

I do pay for the wines I review. Different Drop allows me to access low volume wines on a single bottle basis.

At least until wineries start sending me bottles directly for review.

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