I do this blog for fun, the wines here are some of the very few I can be bothered to write up. The cream has risen.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz Grenache Mataro 2006

Here is the last of my Glug self selected quaffer tasting pack.

Quite a dark cherry red. This is actually fairly smooth with a nice full mouthfeel. Fruit is mellow, but has some interesting flavours due to the blend. Slight spiciness, and a decent finish with very light acid and not much dryness. Somewhat suprising that it has as much body as it does since there is not really much fruit, and the tannins are very mild.

I'd describe it as a full bodied medium flavoured quaffer. Glug describe it as a blend that Shiraz drinkers would like, but I reckon it'd also suit the Merlot fans. Decent value at $8. Enjoyed much more than the Garagiste MGS.

Garagiste Barossa Valley Mataro Grenache Shiraz 2007

A Glug distributed wine again. I had some high hopes for this as it's main fruit is Mourvedre (Mataro), and I really want to see this variety used more, preferably on it's own.

Unfortunately this one just isn't up to the value for money of the other Glugs I've tried. It's a bit thin, lacks any real fruit, not exactly smooth, and well it's just kinda disappointing.* I paid $8 so I don't expect too much, but I'd be asking for a refund if I'd paid the $15.99 Glug are saying it's reduced from.

I've reviewed this alongside Glug's Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz Grenache Mataro 2006, check out that review here.

* please read my followup comment on this

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hawker Brothers 2008 Reserve Malbec

Malbec, so under appreciated as a grape in Aussieland. This one is from the Clare Valley and part of the Glug tasting pack I self selected recently.

A relatively dark cherry red colour. The nose has nice spiced fruit and a very subtle undertone of fresh cut hay. Though this being spring it may be the pollen affecting me.

Quite smooth on the tongue, the fruit is restrained but is having a nice dance with the spices who are slightly shy but friendly. The finish is fairly dry with just a hint of acid.

I would love a bit more of the distinctive Malbec flavours to be here but still a very pleasant wine,  especially for the $8 I paid.

(please read my followup comment on this)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Wheatsheaf Barossa Valley Shiraz 2008

Bah, I was just about to write a review and I thought I'd check what the distributor had to say about it on their website, only to find out it's all gone! I'd bought this one looking for a quality quaffer to stop me dipping into my 'needs more time' cellar stocks.

Right, well to let you all know what you missed out on then.

Decanted for an hour, which is something I am trying to do as much as I can these days, and would recommend for all wines.

Lovely satsuma plum colour. Rich nose and the alcohol (15.5%) subtlely just letting me know it's there.  Typical Barossa black fruit and dark chocolate flavours, but enough tannin and acid to keep the fruit in check and give a lingering, dry and yet full flavoured finish.

I'd recommend it, if there was any left to buy! Despite buying as a quaffer I think I'm going to hide a bottle of this away for 5 years, and then probably kick myself some more when I decide I really should have bought a full case.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chris Ringland Ebenezer Shiraz 06

Huge is the word that comes to mind.

This wine is going to be too big for many, I can accept that. But it's simply magnificent to me, and strangely my wife agrees with me. Her exact words to my question "what ya think?" was "it's really good, lots of fruit but the dryness offsets that, it's really balanced".

I've seen these wines referred to as fruit bombs, and I get the idea that the fruit is more noticeable than in many other wines but I don't see it as overpowering all the other flavours. If you drink lighter Shiraz with less fruit flavours, lets say a Heathcote Shiraz, then I guess the fruit in this is going to seem really in your face. That fruit of course decreases over time, and I expect this wine was designed to age.

This review is more of a tasting note for those who have the 06 already since the 07 and 08 have been released and stocks of 06 will be extremely rare. If you do have the 06, don't open it yet as I believe it's got at least 10 years left.

Chocolate, black cherries and mint. I highly recommend you leave this one all to me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seppeltsfield 1998 Unlabelled Vintage Port.... err VP

I've been meaning to post about this one for a while because right now it's a fabulous bargain.

First thing is, this is not remotely sweet like the far more common tawny port..er fortified. Seppelts have always been brilliant innovators when it comes to fortifieds, and this is no exception.

I mean it's got Touriga in it! What's that doing in an Australian fortified? Can't make the Portugese too happy after they made us give up the 'port' name, and now we try to steal one of their port grape varieties!

How Seppeltsfield describe their show vintage also applies to this wine: Seppeltsfield aim to make a Vintage Fortified that is drier and more refined than the traditional Australian style with an intensity of flavour derived from fruit quality rather than high Baume.

I could waffle on here about flavours and stuff, but really, if the idea of a drier fortified with oodles of flavour appeals then you'd like this. Note that they are 375ml bottles, cork sealed.

Wirruna Estate Durif 2005

Durif Grapes - courtesy Wirruna Estate
Picked this up on a whim as I'm sometimes in the mood for something a bit different in a red but with still some meat to chew on. This is the JW Family Reserve, though I think it's pretty much time wineries retire the reserve name as it's horribly overused now days.

Colour is a sangria red and not really all that dense for a Durif. Nose is black cherries and quite pleasant.

Fruit is quite restrained but the black berry fruits are there. The body is medium. There's some acid on the finish which unfortunately isn't balanced by the fruit. A reasonably dry finish with no specific flavours really lingering on the tongue.

Considering I picked this up for around $10 it's reasonable value.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gemtree Uncut Shiraz 2008

Dark, almost black, maroon red. Earthy bouquet showing early.

Slight acid, medium berry fruit, with a slightly dry tart finish.

Think this one needs to breathe a bit more....

Going excellent with a non chilli butter chicken, the acid level is perfect for that. The bouquet never really showed much of anything more, and I'd really like more fruit from a McLaren Vale shiraz. If you like Cab Savs you'd probably like this one.

Bought this for $17 and I'd say priced about right at that. But having said that, I'd like to see how it is in 5 years, too much acid and tannin for me right now.

PS. Finally bit the bullet, on Twitter now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cooper Burns 2007 Shiraz

RBG tipped me off about this wine, to paraphrase, 2007 was a hard vintage, but you wouldn't know it trying this (too young) wine.

It's big, rich, fruity, but quite balanced right now. The only 'problem' I have with it is that it's got an unusual nose (smell/bouquet) and I can't quite describe it. My wife is saying liquorice with mint, but she's wrong. Ok, apparently not wrong since that defies some laws or something but, it's not what my nose says.

Highly recommended wine, and btw Booze Bros have it for a pretty decent price right now. And no I am not getting any kickback from them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why More Red Sir?

Many red wine drinkers would have picked up on "More Red Sir" as a play on the name of the grape variety Mourvedre. Sometimes known in South Australia as Mataro.

This grape is extremely rarely used to make a straight varietal in Australia, but can often be found in blends. One such common Australian blend is GSM, which historically is a French Rhone style made from Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre.

I've only ever had one straight Mourvedre, but I thought it a fabulous variety on it's own and rather under rated.

I intend for this blog to be about wines and related topics that are perhaps a bit like Mourvedre - somewhat unknown, but hopefully interesting.