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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seppeltsfield 1998 Unlabelled Vintage Port.... err VP

I've been meaning to post about this one for a while because right now it's a fabulous bargain.

First thing is, this is not remotely sweet like the far more common tawny port..er fortified. Seppelts have always been brilliant innovators when it comes to fortifieds, and this is no exception.

I mean it's got Touriga in it! What's that doing in an Australian fortified? Can't make the Portugese too happy after they made us give up the 'port' name, and now we try to steal one of their port grape varieties!

How Seppeltsfield describe their show vintage also applies to this wine: Seppeltsfield aim to make a Vintage Fortified that is drier and more refined than the traditional Australian style with an intensity of flavour derived from fruit quality rather than high Baume.

I could waffle on here about flavours and stuff, but really, if the idea of a drier fortified with oodles of flavour appeals then you'd like this. Note that they are 375ml bottles, cork sealed.

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