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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chris Ringland Ebenezer Shiraz 06

Huge is the word that comes to mind.

This wine is going to be too big for many, I can accept that. But it's simply magnificent to me, and strangely my wife agrees with me. Her exact words to my question "what ya think?" was "it's really good, lots of fruit but the dryness offsets that, it's really balanced".

I've seen these wines referred to as fruit bombs, and I get the idea that the fruit is more noticeable than in many other wines but I don't see it as overpowering all the other flavours. If you drink lighter Shiraz with less fruit flavours, lets say a Heathcote Shiraz, then I guess the fruit in this is going to seem really in your face. That fruit of course decreases over time, and I expect this wine was designed to age.

This review is more of a tasting note for those who have the 06 already since the 07 and 08 have been released and stocks of 06 will be extremely rare. If you do have the 06, don't open it yet as I believe it's got at least 10 years left.

Chocolate, black cherries and mint. I highly recommend you leave this one all to me

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