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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hawker Brothers 2008 Reserve Malbec

Malbec, so under appreciated as a grape in Aussieland. This one is from the Clare Valley and part of the Glug tasting pack I self selected recently.

A relatively dark cherry red colour. The nose has nice spiced fruit and a very subtle undertone of fresh cut hay. Though this being spring it may be the pollen affecting me.

Quite smooth on the tongue, the fruit is restrained but is having a nice dance with the spices who are slightly shy but friendly. The finish is fairly dry with just a hint of acid.

I would love a bit more of the distinctive Malbec flavours to be here but still a very pleasant wine,  especially for the $8 I paid.

(please read my followup comment on this)

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  1. Bottle #2 showing much more of the Malbec individuality that shows in South American versions, with this one having very nice tobacco, cedar, and raspberry jubes.

    Clearly more fruit than when I first tried it, I'm starting to wonder if the transportation affected these wines initially.