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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marius Simpatico Shiraz 2008

I've talked about this wine before but never really done a tasting note. That's largely because Philip White, Gary Walsh and James Halliday have already given it glowing reviews, so what can I add?

Well, I'm not a professional reviewer, I am a customer, so perhaps other potential customers might appreciate that point of view.

Simpo 08, as my case of this is labelled, is almost 4 years old now, and it's been interesting to try this wine over the last 8 months or so. When I first tried it in March what stood out to me was a savoury character that I associate with Schwarzwälder Schinken, or Black Forest ham in English. This is not to say that it's the most forward characteristic of the wine, but that it is the unusual overtone that makes this different to your typical plum, chocolate and licorice McLaren Vale Shiraz. That is to say, it's a strong hint of the complexity of this wine.

Tonight I still picked up on that aroma but it's slightly different now, it's a bit more like a xmas dinner. There is still the ham, and of course some fresh cherries and blackberries, but I can also smell the spices in the family recipe (obligatory but very much looked forward to) xmas pudding.

The other thing about this wine is that the bloody thing vanishes from your glass too quickly. It's like being a kid opening xmas presents as fast as you can tear off the paper, there's a head rush, you're in the moment, and then, the moment is over. The bottle is empty. Too soon Executus!

So, let me check if all the clever buggers previously noted above missed anything I need to tell you about this wine...hmm, nope they've pretty much nailed it between them. Actually, there is one thing they haven't actually said clearly enough - you really should get some of this!

Scoring or rating this wine is in many ways rather limiting. It is a wine of such character and singularity that even it's brother Symphony is but a fraternal twin with promise. Excellent and *****

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  1. That ham to me is Jamon Serrano - the Spanish ham of the indian. Had some, the ham i.e., in Ortiga restaurant (horribly overpriced place in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley), when this ham is nicely aged it's beautiful stuff & it's already aging beautifully in the 08 Simpatico ... some chorizo in there as well. This wine is sheer class, can't wait for the 08 Symphony to hit it's straps and if the 08's are this good, how could the 10's possibly be better ... but they will : )