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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chris Ringland 2009 CR Shiraz

When last I'd tried a CR Shiraz it was the 2008 and at that time I'd not yet discovered the magnificent Warrabilla reds, so I declared that wine to be about as big as they get. Well that wasn't true, though perhaps most of the Warrabillas I've tried aren't all that much bigger. This 2009 though, is even more on par with them in intensity, though not on overall balance.

This CR wine won't age as well as the Warrabillas do, and I suspect Mr. Ringland would be fine with that, he's kept the acid fairly much in the background and the tannins are pretty soft really. It makes for a great drink now wine (where now really means winter), but since I'm having lamb roast tonight I chilled the bugger slightly and I am loving it. Having said that, I do reckon 4-5 years is fine, it's just not likely to go 10.

I asked my wife to guess the alcohol, and remember it is slightly chilled, and 15% was the guess. It's actually 16.8%, which is kinda crazy in some ways, but it works for me. I've had 15% wines that taste and smell hotter. There's a fruit intensity I get that is not mixed with alcohol heat, and my tastebuds absolutely love it.

This is a wine that some will hate, and I can understand their point of view. But I love both AC/DC and Mozart, and I don't see why I can't also enjoy this and a 10 year old Clare Riesling. Perhaps not on the same night.

Better than the 08 and much better than the 07, but probably not as good as the 06 thought that's a guess as I only tried the 06 at five years old.

No rating on this one, it's too polarizing in style, but lovers of huge Shiraz should seek it out.

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  1. Aww, I think you could give it a rating; your review certainly backs up the reasoning behind it, and comes with the appropriate caveats for haters.

    I definitely enjoyed this one more than the '08 as it was a little more supple, and amazes me (as with other vintages) that the alcohol is not as distracting as it could have been. Pretty great for <$20! But then, I'm a fan of larger Shiraz ;)