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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kimbolton Brad's Block Montepulciano 2008

This is the full Monty.

Sorry, couldn't resist, but it's true. Montepulciano is not exactly commonly available in Australia, and much more rarely is it grown here. There are barely more than a handful of winemakers putting it on their labels at this time.

Montepulciano in Australia is often seen in wines from Abruzzi, as Montepulciano d'Abruzzo of which you might have come across the $10 Gran Sasso. So let me first say this Aussie version is fairly different in style to that one which is somewhat lighter.

Aromas of leather, mushroom and cigar box. On the palate it's full bodied with blackberries, cherries and kalamata olives. The tannins whilst substantial are not dry or grippy owing to excellent balance with the almost crisp acidity.

This is a savory wine, a food wine, and a wine that makes you think about it. Top marks for being fairly different and thoroughly suited to a slight chill for dinners in summer.

Rated Highly Recommended and ****, though I am somewhat swayed to that score because I think this is worth seeking out simply for it's difference.

Available from the The Winehouse, Langhorne Creek, whom I link because there is a retailer with a similar name.

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  1. Yes Montepulciano is known in Italy as the variety for cheaper red wines but the handful of Australian growers/producers (see list at vinodiversity) think it is better than that. The Aussie wines I've tried are all well made and as Moredsir says are worth the trouble of finding.