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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warrabilla Reserve Durif 2009

It's not normally Warrabilla red weather in late November, but it's a chilly 16 this evenin' and will get down to 14C. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy this before summer sets in.

Often when I watch a movie, even if I enjoy it, I feel like I'm there sitting in a cinema watching a movie. I'm just a voyeur. Sometimes though, the movie really drags me in and I feel a part of the story. I jump in my seat, lean forward, tense up and sometimes even get emotional. I come out of the cinema feeling like I just experienced what happened in the movie.

This Warrabilla Durif is not just a mix of aromas and flavours, it's an experience.

I've re-written this blog about five times now, because this wine is so hard to describe. Normally you'd describe a wine by referring to other flavours and aromas, those that the reader will likely have personal knowledge of. But with this wine, unless you know the Warrabilla style, and how it applies to Durif, I reckon I'd sound like a fool. Whitey would nail it though, he'd have gunpowder and black snakes in it, and he'd makes sense to you.

So, who cares what the reviewers say, go see this movie for yourself and experience it first hand. Better yet, take the ride at Warrabilla World, it's in 3D, surround sound and the seats vibrate and tilt - or they will after a few glasses. Buy the Blu-Ray too, you'll want to watch this over the next 10 years or so.

Rated Excellent and *****

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  1. Red,

    After reading about Warrabilla on this blog, I put this wine on the 'to do' list, but it languished as I chased a couple of other wines.

    I am ashamed of my former self for not having bought this sooner. Simply an amazing wine. How is this not a national treasure!?