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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warrabilla Reserve Shiraz 2006

I'm a Johnny come lately to Warrabilla, and I keep wondering how I managed to avoid them so very long. Especially since I love a big intense wine on the odd occasion*. In fact, it's a bit like sex that way.

Sometimes you just want to take your time, be aware of every little sensation, analyze it, savour it, learn from it. And then there's the times where it's all about the passion, the mind altering and heart thumping sheer abandonment. I'm talking about the wine.

The label says cellar 5 years plus. The label is correct as we're close to the plus part soon and it's not close to done. Which is good, since I am a believer that wines high in alcohol can age just as well as wines with old school 13%. Providing they have structure and quality. Does anyone remember the old David Noon 'Burgundy'? Monster of a wine, I got 8 years from that, and it wasn't remotely done. Bloody hilarious name for it really, and I didn't even get the joke at the time.

So, this wine then. My heart is thumping and I'm experiencing a great deal of passion and wild abandonment. God I hope she gave me her real phone number before she left.

Rated Excellent and ***** for value.

* odd occasion is when you're not having an even one. Flip of a coupla coins with me really.


  1. Great note. Is this different to the Parola limited release that they do?

  2. Yes, the Reserve is different. I'll see if I can find out exactly what that difference is.

  3. Thanks. Will wait for your opinion. Ferdi

  4. The Parola's gets the best oak etc and is only made in the very best years. Love the 06's. From memory they were only picked a few days apart so the Parola's is 17% alc, the Reserve a wimpy 16.5%.
    To look at the wines pre-oak there was very little in them. If anything the Paola's was a little more raisiny and heady ethereal on the nose, which is why I seperated them as 2 wines.
    The Parola's is one of my alltime favorites.
    ThoughI must admit, I'm damned happy with the Reserve as well. Yeah,,,the 5 years plus is being a bit timid, though people do store your wine in a backshed in Townsville etc, and bitch that it didn't live good!

  5. Thanks Smithy. Great note. Will be going thru Rutherglen in August and will probably stop by to sample/buy. Ferdi