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Friday, April 15, 2011

Landhaus The Saint Shiraz 2008

Rich red fruits on the nose which show up much better with a slow gentle inhale, quite impressive really if you get the olfactory wind tunnel speed just right.

Deceptively dark in the glass leading you to expect a typical meaty BV, but turns out it's somewhat medium bodied in the mouth. Tannins are very fine but after a few mouthfuls they show to be a tad dry. The red fruits tend more to cherries on the tongue with a subtle but persistent spicy wave on the finish. Acid isn't very noticable except for it's contribution to the spice.

Surpisingly for it's body there's quite a crust in the bottle, clearly backing up the winemaker's claim to a relatively 'hands off' attitude to winemaking.

Recommended and ***

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