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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inkwell Shiraz 2008

Back in December I did a preview of this. It's now been released, well to mailing list members at least, and I assume by now even those foolish enough to ignore my prompting to get yerselves on said list can buy it.

I'd like to get all descriptive but typing means I have to put down my glass. Look, the nose is bloody brilliant ok? And my goodness the flavours are intense...gum lickingly, lip smackingly, eye closingly, intense! See it's even inspired me to come up with new adjectives.

The tannins are still pretty coarse still which gives it a bit of a rustic edge, and Dudley is well aware of that, and I bet if he had his choice I don't think we'd be allowed to drink this for another 3-5 years. So, buy at least 2 bottles so you can revel in it's raw glory now and imagine what's waiting for you in 5-15 years.

I rate it excellent+++ and ****

Damn, the bugger has stained my glass purple!

BTW, there will not be a 2009 Inkwell, thus the next release will not be until 2013.

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