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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sevenhill 'Four Buckets' Shiraz Touriga Grenache 2007

This one is only available at cellar door or by being a mailing list member, so this is more for those people.

Touriga is an unusual variety to find on a label unless you're buying a Port, aka fortified in Australia because the EU blah blah, but what I mean is it's the variety the Portuguese use in their Ports, though apparently they are using it more and more in their dry reds. This mix of grapes is indeed the same as the Sevenhill Tawny is made from.

The nose is fairly light with nothing much standing out really. The tannins are superfine which lead to a body that, despite the wine's dark complexion, is pretty much medium. The flavours are subtle and this wine just strikes me as extremely smooth, almost the epitome of a quaffer, in that it neither challenges nor offends and just goes down very easily.

Because this is on special at $120/case delivered until sold out I'm going to give it *** and give it an Agreeable score in the context that it is aimed at being a quaffer and is not a retail wine.

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  1. David Bowley of Vinteloper has recently released Adelo (a blend of Shiraz, Pinot and Touriga - not necessarily in that order). Looking fwd to trying it I am.