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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heartland Director's Cut 2009

Aromas of tobacco, licorice, black fruits, walnut and a hint of soy/umami. It's black with maroon hue,
fine dusty tannins, and full bodied. Refreshing acid, but the fruit is forward and of excellent quality. Overall a wine with diverse complexity and good balance.

On the negative there's a slight bitterness right at the end, probably the tannins as it was there day 2 still. However it's quite mild and with food you can't pick it at all.

I liked it better than the 09 Bishop, which Ben Glaetzer also makes under his Glaetzer label, because the fruit in this is overall just more appealing to me. I've hedged my bets though and bought some of each.

Highly Recommended and ****

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