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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chris Ringland 2007 CR Shiraz

This is long sold out, so this is just an opinion on how it's travelling at 6 years old.

Lighter than most CRs, it's only 15.5%, and in theory from a tough vintage but the tannins are lovely despite this and in fact I reckon they're mostly from the oak which is unusual of 07, especially in the BV.

A bit of secondary development showing, but the fruit and oak still in your face. Acid is mouth watering.

Pretty sure this is a Dan Murphy only label, so unlikely I will buy any in the future as I see the duopoly being to my detriment in the longer term, plus exclusive labels tend to disrespect the consumer. Still, Mr. Ringland made 'em nice back then.

No hurry to drink it, but then no great reason not to. I'll open another in a year since I bought a case of this quite cheap a few years back, and not from Mr. Murphy either.

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