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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Karrawirra Barossa Valley Shiraz 2008

Another one from the Glug Shiraz dozen packs (mostly sold out now) this wine is pretty decent. Typical fruity Barossa Shiraz, a bit on the rustic side with somewhat coarse tannins but otherwise balanced with the oak, acid, and fruit. A bit of a simple fruit driven wine at this time, but a good gusty red overall.

Don't know that I can see the $16 they want outside of the tasting pack but if you can get on special it's good quaffer. I reckon I like it slightly more than the Bin 221 and 222 which sell for more individually, and it would certainly improve with a coupla years cellaring to soften the tannins.


  1. Hi, Didn't try the 2008 vintage, but just did the 2009 yesterday! And i've gotta say it's matured and doesn't have the courseness u talk about. Yes i agree, can't see how they are asking for more than 15bucks initially, but for the price i paid on Glug, it's worth the 9 bucks.

    what Bin 222 and 221 are u talking about btw ?
    yeah - i know it's an old post :)

  2. Those Bin wines are long gone ;)

    The Stockwell 2010 Reserve Mataro is one I would happily recommend whilst on special atm.