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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sieber Road GSM 2010

On day one, I was pretty happy with this wine, and because I had another wine open, it managed to last until day two.

On day two, I am loving it. The complexity of the blend is now prancing around the palate.

On day three, I will lament that I have less patience than I would like to have.

The wine started out a bit straight up and down, somewhat like a maypole at the end of the dance, where the ribbons of flavour were quite mixed together and tightly wound. As pretty and impressive as a finished maypole may be, the excitement is when the dancers are weaving and wafting, tied together but free to show their own style. So here we have the reverse maypole dance wine.

Fruit driven with red, black and blue, chewy tannins, balanced acid, good length. This will reward patience. Drink now with some Thai curry, or hide it in the cellar for 5 years or more.


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