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Monday, October 14, 2013

Marius Matarius Mataro 2010

I admit did think of adding Mouvedre and Monastrell to the title, but I was worried it's making fun of what is probably my favourite wine name. The new baby was named as part of a competition, and is so bloody clever because it's seemingly obvious, and yet only one person thought of it.

This child of Roger's is not only the first straight Mataro he's added to his vinous family, it's also the only one you'll see for many years. That is to say it wasn't made in 2011 to 2013, but that was purely for personal circumstances of it's Dad. It's unique, and straight Mataro is already a very rare breed in the Aussie wine world.

Which is silly really. It's a flamin good grape for our climate and has many of the characters that Shiraz lovers would appreciate.

I first tasted this at the 2011 Harvest as a barrel sample, and at that time the tannins were too much for me to deal with, not to mention the beers and heaps of more developed wines my glass had seen that arvo.

Moving on nearly 3 years and it's much more refined. As I've said before, there's blood and gunpowder in this. Leather too, and something very sexy (and no Mr. Walsh, it isn't you). I do however feel the need to kill a werewolf, preferably a very small one. I may just settle for telling the dog not to dig holes in the lawn. Then again, when you drink wine this good, life just seems to transcend mundane matters. 

Roger reckons good Mataro needs a decade, at least, to come around. I think he might be right, but I also reckon buy it a steak dinner and enjoy it now too. Raise a glass to Roger's health whilst you're at it, and your own of course.


PS. there is a small amount left. I'm baffled. Get in touch with Mr. Pike here or have a go at the order form here. You won't see it's like again anytime soon.

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  1. Modsir, I am in complete agreement to this "It's unique, and straight Mataro is already a very rare breed in the Aussie wine world."

    Loved your post.. Keep writing.

    Cheers, Ram,