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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lazy Ballerina Shiraz 2009 - Revisit

I reviewed this nearly a year ago, and after opening a bottle last night I was so impressed I thought I'd  check what I thought and give an update on how it's travelling.

Before reading my old review, my impression is this is a very classy wine, excellent complexity, and lacks nothing. It's only flaw is I've drained the glass without even getting two paragraphs done!

So how does it compare to my review a year back?

Well, the colour is a bit more crimson now, which you'd expect. It's still got that something dark and wicked, but now it seems a little more savoury with Christmas ham and a lovely aromatic sweetness that reminds me of Roquefort cheese.

The biggest change is the tannins which have that brilliant blend of firm and soft, giving mouthfeel without dryness. Another 2 years won't hurt, but you can safely crack one now, though it is better after 24 hours so still I reckon I'm right about it's potential long life.

Surprisingly it's still apparently available. It would have to be my favourite 2009 Shiraz and a bargain for this quality really.

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