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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inkwell 2010 "Inkling" Shiraz/Primitivo

After trying lots of Zins in June, I had this thought that the grape has a lot of synergy with Shiraz and wondered why I hadn't noticed any blends of such.

Next time I was talking to Dudley Brown I asked him if he'd ever thought of blending the two. I think I surprised him a little since he had indeed made a Shiraz+Zin and was just about to bottle it. Clearly I am either clever or can read minds, or both - I know my wife can read my mind so perhaps I've absorbed that skill.

Dudley is obviously as clever as I think I am because this blend works really well. It smells like I've gone picking cherries in the Adelaide hills just before xmas. It tastes vibrant and yet not acidic, and would eminently suit being ever so slightly chilled for a warm summer's eve dinner.

I only had a small taste of it but I think it's a very exciting wine and well worth trying this unusual blend. I see a great future in it (I'm prescient as well as clever and having ESP).

Rated Highly Recommended.


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  1. Bit of a followup, I'm drinking the bottled version and it's beautiful. Only 950 were bottled and now that I've read that I hope I've carefully stashed the rest away safely! It's put on some fruit weight in the bottle and even though it's only 13.7% it's far from medium bodied. Very purple still, you'd swear it's a new release. If you're lucky enough to have some, don't be in any hurry to drink it, I suspect it will go 10+ more and somehow still be better for it. On the other hand if you're like my 72yo mate who got told by his doctor to cut back, hop in!