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Friday, August 5, 2011

Crabtree Cellar Door Shiraz 2008

This wine is only available direct from cellar door, though you can order it online. It's a marketing idea I wish a lot more wineries would wake up to.

Wineries are always treading a fine line between looking after direct customers whom they make the most profit per bottle from, and not annoying the retailers whom they often make most of their sales to. Personally I think many get that balance completely wrong and charge their direct and loyal customers too much, whilst allowing Dirty Dans and others to sell at cost price (and then quietly fuming that they felt forced to). I'll avoid a full rant and stop right there.

The smart thing about this wine is whilst it's not as good as the 2009 Watervale Shiraz, it is still a good wine and hits that value range that Dan and other retailers know is about $12-$15.

It's dark maroon, a vibrant nose of dried thyme and sage with wafts of briar fruits. Tannins are somewhat grippy yet quite fine and the overall balance very good for a 'quaffer'. In fact that's probably an unfair term for this wine because, whilst it's $12.50 a bottle in dozens, apart from it being a tad rustic it's hard to fault really.

She's a bit sleazy but she's hard to say no to. (Just to be clear I mean the wine, not the lovely lass that was at cellar door)

I reckon 6 of these and half a dozen of the Watervale 2009 Shiraz is a good move, I just have to convince Crabtree that I should get the dozen discount on both. I would have suggested the 2009 Windmill Cab, but I think I bought the last bottles of that one.

I rate it Recommended++ and think it will drink better in 2-3 years.

I noticed there is no information about this wine at the Crabtree website, but my label says it's from Watervale West/Dry Grown blocks, hand pressed (I assume hand cranked press else I am really amazed), and 14.5% of the buzz inducing stuff.

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