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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moredsir makes wine!

I've made wine before, with mixed success, but I find it fun regardless of the outcome. So here's a little taste of what we did last weekend.

Find the Shiraz grapes

Fill as many tubs as you can fit in 2 cars

Marvel at Nokia's idea of colour correction

How to de-stem: place grapes on old bread tray
roll hand over grapes, grapes fall through holes
Stems stay on top. Viola!
No amount of foot scrubbing was acceptable to the crew, so plastic soled boots for the crush!

 The de-stem and crush took a bit over an hour and we ended up with 100L of must (from the Latin vinum mustum meaning young wine) which is the juice, skins and seeds. Yeast was added, a bit of yeast nutrient and our work was done for now. For the curious, the must was 26 Brix flat, so around 14.5 Baume. I have little control over temperature so I'm happy it's sitting around 22C.

We must have matured in our winemaking practices as nobody was asking "is it ready yet?".

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