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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim Adams Cleanskin 2007 Shiraz

This is a wine made specifically for fund raising to support the Variety Club, an extremely worthy charity that helps kids.

At $80 a case it's stunning value, and $20 of that goes to the charity.

The Shiraz is med-full bodied, good quality fruit, fine tannins, balanced acid and a very nice quaff indeed. As a mark of a well made wine this one improves with a few hours breathing, and indeed I would expect it to continue to improve in the cellar for a few years at least.

You would be crazy to buy one of those no-name cleanskins from the large chains when you can have a very good value wine like this and be helping needy kids at the same time.

More info here. And I can tell you the 06 Merlot is even better and the Sparkling GSM a great little BBQ wine.

Very classy of you indeed Mr. Tim Adams!

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  1. On a related note, Tim Adams will be in future making these Variety Club fundraiser wines, and some new ones, at the old Leasingham winery;