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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Barossa Valley Estates E-Bass 2006

2006? Really? In that case I reckon cellar to about 2026. This has got so much life! And what's more, I opened this baby 24 hours ago.

It's not all that often that I fall in love with a wine with one quick taste, but as soon as I'd taken one whiff of this I knew it was going to be good. For me, some wines have an indescribable quality, and when we English speakers find the right description totally baffling we resort to French and say je nes sais quoi which clearly means the French don't have a word for it either! Thus I call it: YUM.

This wine is yum, pure and simple. And the best part is it's excellent value at $18 a bottle in a case of 6, delivered from the cellar door.

Actually I lie, the really best part is, have this with a semi spicey beef marsala and you will have a crisis in your mouth. But just in case you think the curry altered my perception, tonight is my second bottle in the last week and it went just as well with more simple flavoured beef and fetta meatballs.

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  1. Bit of followup on this 21/02/2012;
    Drank over 2 days, on day 1 it was a little closed with fruit muted but a lovely mouthfeel/tannins, day 2 the fruit has opened up, drinking well. Just to be clear, I wasn't being all that serious with my 2026 drinking but it should go 2016 easily depending how developed you want it and how much you're prepared to lose fruit for complexity.